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Caybryg, a world of magic, exploration and adventure.

Our party? A half-elf-half-tiefling cleric named Nero (and her familiar, a green-and-gold pseudo-dragon named Akra), her half-elven bard cousin Rathbone, an unlikely half-orc druid named Starshine and a mysterious wood elf ranger known only as Sniper.

Newcomers to the western continent of Welheadol and its capital city of Honningul, their first task as members of the Lions of Gelsea is to establish a guild house in the west.

Welcome to Obsidian Portal

You can do a lot of stuff here, I’ve found out!
You can create your own Character Page, including a picture of your character, their stats, spells, items, backstory, etc. You can feel free to make it as detailed or as vague as you like. It may be prudent to keep it to things that the party knows already, as everyone can see the information.

You can also make Adventure Logs that keep track of what you’ve accomplished that day in Caybryg. So far, I’ve been compiling them at the end of every session, but if someone really loves putting them together, I’m willing to part with that.

There is also the Wiki that you can edit and add to. There are numerous pages already there for you to read, but you can also edit them and add details as you find them in the world.

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